This is the wall in my room. I call it, 'Nothingness'.


The war is not a war. It is a strategic, a barbaric, and a risky move

No, I'm not seeking an attention by posting this. The attack on Paris makes me wonder and rethink about the so-called greatness of the European nations.

Amid of all the high achievements and development in technology, philosophy and civilisation, apparently they are not standing as best as claimed. They seem vulnerable, and exposed.

At first, one might think, why now? Why Paris? Where are their intelligence task forces? What is happen to the preemptive strike units? Don't they are so advance in dealing and intercepting subliminal messages?

How they could miss the communication?

Why is everything falls down so sudden?

In this case, hat off to the Malaysia Police Department in disseminate terrorism intelligence. Heh. I am pretty sure many of you will smirk in cynicism.

We see the same strange pattern here in Paris attack and also on WTC. Immediately, we were told that the attackers left their passports. This is so mind-boggling as after detonating themselves to ashes, and in WTC case, after burning themselves in awesomely 3000 Celsius flame, the passports remain intact.

This fact intrigues me. It wakes something up in me.

Why is in the hell they keep their passports safe instead of their lives? It is like a thief leaves his thumbprint at everywhere after a success robbery.

It is like a plan to me.

And like a thunderbolt, the most notorious image of Islamic group claims the responsibility, just like what Osama Ben Laden did last time over WTC.

Who are this filthy IS? Where are they getting their arsenals and funds?

What is happen to al-Qaeda now? Where is the weapon of world mass destruction gone?

I believe, both devilish, terrorism act couldn't take place unless someone desperately wants it and lets it to happen. Sooner or later, the truth prevails, again, just like in WTC crash, but anyhow, the world just only can grief in silent.

And I believe, like in a chess game, you have to sacrifice everything -- even your own best people -- just to let the queen survives -- and this attack drama will be a valid reason to gain another acceptance -- in another bigger move in games -- just to let someone survives.

Don't you get the picture?

Let's hope I'm wrong. Heh.

I wonder how time numbs us.

And how it leaves us.

One day, every of us will realise, the only thing matters now, is to preserve the dearly secret we hold to every of us.

Over years, it is the only profound thing that survives.

Yes. It is the best thing about us, of us.

No one else. Only us.