Permanent Head Damage

The reason I don't go to motivational program or seminar or what ever your mother calls it is because I am a negative person.

I don't need to pay for someone to tell me the things I have already knew.

My problem, I don't believe in many things. I have massive doubt on so-called facts. History for me is a big lie, medicine never cures, and I hate people who talk about business, money, and well-known and famous figures.

This kind of things, they just insult my intelligence.

So, if you ask me about this person who deceives thousands of wealth-hunger about his educational background, I don't lift a finger.

Welcome to the world, I would say.

If you put your priority on things like that, don't blame others if you slip, because that is how the reality works. There are always  bigots who build empires on other's hardwork, blood, and tears.

Success is not measured by how long digit in your personal bank account, it is what you carry in your mind, in your brain, and in your reaction.

So, serve you right, for believing and submitting him. And for those who admire him, go read about the definition of life or enjoy a day or two in remote and secluded island.