Please, Please

By Paranoia Semalam (September 11, 2016)

People with delusion of grandeur are distressingly pathetic. What makes them worse is, they actually knew it.

Ignorance and arrogance -- these two characters are the least to describe them.

Besides of big mouth and all big talks, there is nothing ever produced or proved. It is very hard to converse, let alone to convince and to criticize this type of people, because they would only listen to themselves, they would only believe in themselves, and for them, other people are inferiorly low and liabilities.

I must admit, listening to their tall stories and views about living life amuses me a lot -- not because of some sort of amazement and endearment, but it is more for the sake of disputation and argumentation. Most of time, they hate it, but for them, winning is when your enemies stop confronting.

It is double the fun when you know they are talking craps rather than the truth and the best part is, when their tongues sliply agree with you and they are basically elaborating your ideas and points, but then, still, they refuse to admit it.

They will never submit to any one. And they will never let it happens.

Being apologetic, accepting other's opinion, are a big no. They are condoning themselves, even to their own mistakes, errors or faults.

I don't blame them. This type of people are a slow learner. They have to endure more struggle and pain in getting the prize.

They are typically stubborn, logger-head, and short-tempered person. Listening to other people is not their best skill. They are full of themselves. They oftenly talk a lot. Their patience are for show-off. How would you learn or even to move forward if you open your mouth bigger than your heart?

I am taught to have respect for everyone. Whatever shits you have been gone through are not making you holier or better than any one else. Being humble is not disgracing you or anyone like being snob. And acting like you know nothing, is more pleasantful to know rather than listening to your fairy-tale-lands adventure.

Well, I should have not be fretted. Like my late father said, "Son, the blind and the deaf will pay the higher price!"

A real man should keep and bite his tongue from unnecessary and only present his mind under certain circumstances. Or else, he will be known as what he is now for the rest of his life -- not as what as he tried to potray he is.

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