For unknown reason, I watched Buletin Utama just now and felt like vomiting.

People with sane mind will quickly recognize who is Jamal the Red Shirt, and who is behind the movement.

He claims himself as an apolitical entity but supports the government. I don't understand what he is trying to prove by the statement. To hide UMNO involvement, perhaps?

Obviously, they are UMNO.

In my opinion, to raise an idiot is not a good move to win back the people. To absorb another liability when your current reputation is bad, is an inadequate act and worsen the account.

We don't need people like Jamal. We don't need the Red Shirt. We don't need a trouble maker. We don't need another joker one after another.

We need answers --- because we love our country.

Sometimes, I wonder what is going on with my country. The government seems not interested to clarify all the issues. They give us more and more confusion. They leave us in questions.

The pressure is getting high.

Duhh, I should stop writing about this kind of thing.

No, this is not a plea for change.

We live in chaotic time. Even everything looks pretty good, the reality always tells otherwise.

For the last ten years, the country was managed and ran by a bunch of idiots. They did not speak for the people. The great Malaysia -- once adored and envied by so many countries and nations -- are now becoming one of the most corrupted country in the world. Our past glorious achievements are overshadowed by our poor governance and mismanagement.

In the streets, people are whining about the hardship to make a living. The price of goods and services are cutting their necks. The value of money depreciates drastically and horrrifyingly.

They blame the law-makers and the leaders.

I just nod.

Honestly, I don't really understand what is going on with the Prime Minister. He should be able to ease and calm the conflict down. He should be able to turn around the table.

But he is not. I don't see the mind of intellect in him. His answers and explanations about the economic, about the promises he made during past election, about racial issues, about many many things, always contradict with the fact. His actions against the critics are also not convincing enough.

Even now, I am still wondering how he acquired RM 2.6 billions in his single private account. A donation from the demise prince of Saudi for his contribution in promoting Islam to the West is a joke of the century.

When the retired old man aged at 92 speaks about his weak leadership and wrongdoings, he accuses him of planning to bring down the elected goverment and raise the son to the top post. This is another joke of the century. Instead of giving a proper reaction, he retaliates in inappropriate manner -- by humiliation and character assasination, as a distraction to silent him.

Now, there is a war against his predesessor.

All of his cabinet ministers are the ones who possess a great art of deceit. Statements made by them are half-true -- they fail to divulge the whole story, the truth.

I don't know. But I do feel something is wrong, something is not right with the current government. Too much cover-ups and too much treacheries are happening before my eyes. The trust is breached. The trust has broken.

Unless there are radical changes in the regime, the ruling party, I suppose, will suffer the most humiliate defeat in the next GE. Three millions registered members are not a guaranteed support. The love is bleached now -- by their own ignorance and arrogance.

And for now, you can write me off. Only a man who has a brain the size of a peanut will hold to this insanity.

No, this is a cry for change.