Hari Raya has passed by, and as for me, amid its typical-pseudo-happiness celebration, it was quite a sentimental day.

I lost my uncles, literally and metaphorically. Death boat sails on its term, waiting for no one, giving no sign.

The good thing was, I spent the days to recuperate my strength, my energy, my mind. I hid myself in self-pity -- a sweet time for reconciliation and rejuvenation.

So, here I am today. I wake up with a big signage behind my back. It says, don't believe in 'good intention'.

Well, I believed. I always believe. Like, just believe.

I heard many stories. They contradict with each other. But, being me, I don't give a single flying fuck. Life goes on, round and round.

Truth comes late, as usual.

My struggle, my time, my hardship, my everything, are worth not even a penny. Worse, I am now strangled in huge debt.

This pain, like a big punch on the face, is temporary, and I hope this broken spirit, will soon fade away.

But don't be fret, little piggy. Just get away with a big thank you.

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