That bald man should have known the old saying better than me.

For all the mess he is in now, it was all started when he first refused to speak the truth. He chose to.

He had the chance to clear off but he just went away, only listened to himself. And that minister with that fried rice, of course.

Or ministers -- he has so many blunt ministers.

I really think all of them should go for an urine test. The statements made by most of them were, ah. I mean, were they intoxicated, high on something?

People from all across the land are watching with itch. Recent explanation contradicts with previous one, keeps changing from time to time, and it goes on and on, and theories evolve.

"That bald man and his men cannot be trusted!!"

And the reputation has broken.

"Once you tell a lie, you need ten more lies to cover the lie." -- This is what I had been told since I was able to think. Imagining to invent a new lie everytime makes me suffer, and choke.

You can't calculate how it multiplies, can you? It is a simple mathematics, no? Ah, I will give you the answer shortly.

My late father taught me, if I ever wanted to commit a crime, do it professionally. "Don't leave your shit after shitting!" he once said.

"And don't get greedy."

I listened to my mother. I was not a criminal.

And my father wasn't too. Indeed, he never was. He just spurted out his dark side.

Or at least, perhaps, we got away.

Now, do you get the answer? Do you know how many times you have to lie just to convince one lie?

It is 2.6 billions times (read RM) -- and yet, that is what people could figure out conspicuously, heh.

And be afraid, be very afraid, they now have a reason, a strong reason to deny you.

I wonder how do you sleep at night (with another question of forty-two millions went missing under your pillow).

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