Someday You Will Find Me, Caught Beneath the 'Landslide'

"Well, get a grip. Don't get carried away. Don't stuck in moment. Past is past and it is over."

"Use your muscles to generate positive energy, good thought and fresh vibe."

"What you think is how thing will grow."

I never fall in love with motivational talk. They just say something you are dying to hear. They also love to potray all the good things just as in heaven.

Talk is cheap, yeah, everyone can talk.

"Do not giving up. Your time is not now. Your success comes late."

"Yours, tastes best!"

But somehow at this time, I'm still trying to comprehend his words in a very 'polite' manner. Being a scenic walking creature, it is hard for me to not to be influenced or succumbed to skeptical thoughts or provocative ideas.

He wore a white in colour robe. He had a clean, calm and glowing beardy face. He smiled all the way.

He must be an angel.

I secretly hope he was right in what he had told me earlier.

Wait, I was not in any forum or talk or seminar or crash-course. I was having my 'day to day basis thing just to celebrate my bore existence' in my favorite coffee shop.

I meet numerous people with many backgrounds. They are from different walk of life. What I love about meeting unknown people is, they always open new door in my desperation need of truth.

They inspire me with their captivating words, their extra-ordinary stories, their brainy insights and opinions, and the way they react and submit themselves over what had they been through in their life journey, is giving me something to ponder upon.

Life is lonely, dull, monotonous, and fucking routine. We are all drunk in it, and this kind of people is like a lime juice to keep you sober and awake over a strong intoxication.

But, not every meeting is a worth meeting. You must know when to get away from a non-conversation conversation.

Some of my friends wonder about my friendly behavior towards strangers. They don't know how to start or to prolong the conversation. They don't know how to react in a proper way.

They ask me for a tip.

I give them a middle finger.

Like I always say (perhaps propagate), I'm a people magnet. People talk to me because I am look-like their backyard boy.

I am a typical Malay boy in the street.

Or maybe the way I see things is not like what they are designed to see.

When I see people, I see chance. A chance to manipulate or exploit or vice-versa, and to learn something out of it. And it really does help me to understand about something, about big picture, about purpose -- the things you had missed to realize in every day life.

Life, like we have always been told to, is like a big puzzle, and we are all searching for its missing pieces --which is scattering all over in unexpected places -- and I believe, when the riddle is deciphered and the truth prevails, it will makes you wiser and better person.

Oh shit, I'm getting really old now.

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