It is permissible and understood to be madly outrage when you have been cheated or lied to, but it is your own fault when somebody has successfully deceived you.

The failure to recognise, and to identify, and to read this fraudulent and forgery system we live in is not bliss -- it is merely a curse, even your best shrewd lawyers will smirk and shrug their shoulders.

The whole bunch of this programmed course of existence is a lie -- false idols, distorted beliefs, wrong purposes, misled concepts, counterfactual histories, erroneous educations, polluted idealogies, and so on -- and just like in every cosmetic propaganda, the reality is not always as the way as it seems to be.

In short word, faith has been disastrously corrupted. It has a new substitute, a god named ism -- materialism, humanism, atheism, feminism, and et ce tera.

This new incorporated pseudo-philosophical religion turns people into ignorance, power-and-fame-hunger-beast and wealth worshipping monster. It creates a generation of 'enlightened' -- a nihilist and worldly-gain oriented creature -- everyone is caught up in never-ending dreams, in secular rules and races, and in massive fear of poverty.

People become weak internally. Courageous fades. Seeking spiritual knowledge becomes estrange and unusable. It crumbles together with sanity. The most respectful person is the one who possesses the most money and influence.

The truth is no longer adored, yet abandoned.

You may say you are all aware about what is happening around the globe, and strongly against and oppose them, still, you are endorsing and engaged in their evil orders and agendas -- both concsious and subconsciously in your daily routines -- in the name of modernisation.

Life itself is a hard and painful journey. Trust me, it only can be lighter and better, if we know how to discharge the real enemy.

The real one who are poisoning and suffering us with all these new set of diabolical revelations and laws.

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