Di antara kesesakan trafik dan panik pengejar upah di Ibukota, di antara Jalan Tun Razak dan Bulatan Pahang yang sering penuh dengan jeritan harapan dan kemahuan, di antara Aqsa yang di-perjuang dan nyawa yang di-pertaruh-kan; ada aku yang cuba menghidup sebentuk pelangi

Awan senja -- dengan warna merah keemasan mengepung matahari yang meredup, di-lintas oleh ratusan merpati liar yang riuh, yang barangkali mahu mencari jalan pintas untuk pulang ke sarang inap -- seakan tidak mahu menghitam tanpa ada seruling yang bertiup.

Bunyi bandar tidak memberi damai. Bauan bandar hanya berbening bakar. Jiwa-jiwa lesu bertebaran lari, bertaburan ke sana-sini membawa riak rindu dan dendam -- menggendong beban khuatir, dan sesal, dan bimbang, dan gusar.

Angin tidak bernafas, hembusannya longlai dan pinar, semacam daya tiupan-nya terpukau lena, di-belai oleh tangan-tangan rakus berlumur dosa.

Aku menjalin air dalam udara.

Nun 1000 batu ke Timur Tengah, di sebalik kegopohan dan kegelojohan, di sebalik kejar-kejar dan tipu-daya, di sebalik kegerunan dan keimanan, sekujur jasad melepas lelah. Mata-nya terpejam, tubuhnya tersandar, tangan-nya erat menggenggam doa dan rintih. Fikir-nya terpimpin melangkah waktu.

Cita-cita, cinta, dan cerita -- semua melonggar dalam kalut kilauan pijar material dan hujan peluru.

Ada takdir tentang kemanisan yang telah tertulis. Ada takdir tentang kemanusiaan yang sedang di-tulis.

Ada takdir tentang kehidupan yang tidak pernah berhenti menangis.

Dan di sudut lain itu, ada aku, yang masih degil berlegar menanti terjadi sebentuk pelangi.

Lennon is dead, and so is Cobain

Imagine the world of peace, said the first person.

-- You are living in denial, rebuked the second one.

No races, no borders, no religions, no power, no systems, no ego, no nothing. It's a oneness and togetherness and love!

-- You are drunk. It is fun to lose and to pretend. Winning side is dangerous!

Both has died at 27, wearing jeans.

The disputation stays. The idea grows. The followers increase.

But nothing has really changed.

Only the sound evolves.

The Country Runs by Idiots, Bitches and Wankers

"They do not care! They do not care!"

We've had seen enough of the treacheries and deceits,
At the hands of corrupted minds and liars,
Wearing tongues of burning fire,
Coated with blood of
pride and prejudice of a sacred fight of others,
Singing supremacy in high note,
Pitching, "Promises! Promises!"
Brew and stew!
Preach and breach!
As the people are living in constant fear and anxiety and hatred,
I am told to be jolly and molly.

Hide the truth, blame the past, shout aloud,
Buy more time, win all.

"Win all!"

The day will come,
The nation will fall,
The rainbow will glow,
The truth will survive,

The love will rejoice.

Then, "Shall we start again?"

It is permissible and understood to be madly outrage when you have been cheated or lied to, but it is your own fault when somebody has successfully deceived you.

The failure to recognise, and to identify, and to read this fraudulent and forgery system we live in is not bliss -- it is merely a curse, even your best shrewd lawyers will smirk and shrug their shoulders.

The whole bunch of this programmed course of existence is a lie -- false idols, distorted beliefs, wrong purposes, misled concepts, counterfactual histories, erroneous educations, polluted idealogies, and so on -- and just like in every cosmetic propaganda, the reality is not always as the way as it seems to be.

In short word, faith has been disastrously corrupted. It has a new substitute, a god named ism -- materialism, humanism, atheism, feminism, and et ce tera.

This new incorporated pseudo-philosophical religion turns people into ignorance, power-and-fame-hunger-beast and wealth worshipping monster. It creates a generation of 'enlightened' -- a nihilist and worldly-gain oriented creature -- everyone is caught up in never-ending dreams, in secular rules and races, and in massive fear of poverty.

People become weak internally. Courageous fades. Seeking spiritual knowledge becomes estrange and unusable. It crumbles together with sanity. The most respectful person is the one who possesses the most money and influence.

The truth is no longer adored, yet abandoned.

You may say you are all aware about what is happening around the globe, and strongly against and oppose them, still, you are endorsing and engaged in their evil orders and agendas -- both concsious and subconsciously in your daily routines -- in the name of modernisation.

Life itself is a hard and painful journey. Trust me, it only can be lighter and better, if we know how to discharge the real enemy.

The real one who are poisoning and suffering us with all these new set of diabolical revelations and laws.