The End is Beginning

It's a new year in Gregorian calendar, and let us talk about something new.

There are lots of things which numbers and figures can't explain. Statistics seem to soften the reality.


And at this moment of time, Jesus (pbuh) is at least 2017 year old now. It is against the law of any law. No modern time medical journal has ever recorded someone who lives over 200 years old.

That is one of the reason I don't totally believe in science. They are misleading and distorting. They are trying to disapprove the existence of God. They argue about the use of religion.

Why in the hell they told us that we are descended from ape if it was not a syndicate to corrupt our faith?

Too bad, the world is controlled by this type of people.

Muslims and Christians share many same views about Jesus, about his holiness. They believe that Jesus will come back to lead the greatest war between the axis of evil and the truth.

I don't know how many years left before the greatest war will take place. There are so many predictions, prophecies, and assumptions.

According to Muhammad (pbuh), the war will start in Syria, and it is happening before our eyes now. The tension is mounting and the situation is worsen day by day.

At the moment, it is a proxy war. Like always, only Russia show their direct involvement in backing the Assad's regime. US and NATO are hiding its spot but everyone knows the culprit behind all the chaos.

I believe that sooner or later, Turkey will be taken for a ride to justify and engage a military aggression towards Russia. Then, it is officially launched.

Europe will be burnt.

It is just my two cents.

The relationship between Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc now is at the coldest. There are massive military drills in all over Europe nowadays.

The annexation of Crimea is a crucial event and a very shrewd move by the Russia to control Black Sea. Do you have any idea why it has to be at this time?

Do you still think everything happens because it happens?

It is a long story about the conflict. And when you dig out and comprehend the whole history line, you will understand why Muhammad (pbuh) specifically blames the Jews in 1400 years ago. You will get the big picture when you open up your mind and heart. Their footprints were and are in every great wars. Their ambitious and arrogant plans are real and working and taking place.

In easier way of saying, as a chosen people as claimed, they wanted to have every right to enslave others --- even now in many countries, you could be imprisoned or fined for publishing or giving a bad impression for them under the most absurd provision, anti-semitism.

Can we call this as a, coincidence?

So, Happy New Year. Sorry for the long remarks.


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