Oh, he did it again. That bald Bugis man is either a genius or plain idiot.

I remember an old filthy joke I heard years ago. The joke is about the quarrel among the various parts of the body -- as to which one is the most powerful therefore should be the leader. The brain claims it is, and it should be in control of the rest, then the heart, then the mouth, the eyes, the skin and so on -- every each of them with its own irrefutable reasons.

The anus then just waits and smiles. It has only one point.

When its turn to speak arrives, it triumphantly declares, "I am the most powerful than any one of you. Including you, Brain!"

Everyone burst into laughter histerically. How dare the arsehole makes such an arse claim, they cry.

With intention to make fun of the anus, the brain mocks, "Amuse me, anus. Show me what you have to be our leader. Prove to us!"

The anus keeps its calm. It looks to the brain in the eye, then it shakes its head.

Then it says, "O everyone! If one fine morning, I just close my door for the rest of the day. Then every each of you will suffer!"

That bald Bugis man does not fit enough to lead. He is my worst Prime Minister. Instead of ruining the foundation of this multiracial country for personal gains, he seems do not has any brilliant idea to move forward. I personally feel that he might abuse people's trust just to stay in charge. His refusal to surrender reminds me of the anus character -- threatening and blackmailing others who are disagree and against his will.

Or perhaps, that is the best an arse could do. How posibble you wish an arse to has even a simple wise brain than he already had?

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