The Deceitful Beauty Damages

Voltaire once described history as a lie commonly agreed upon.

Whilst, I believe, history is fabricated stories, wrote and authored by the winning sides of the wars.

So basically, we have something in common. We have massive doubt on our popular reception regarding past events. Perhaps, both of us actually did have many things in common to celebrate -- as a human who loves to embrace different opinions, pro-choicer, and against monarchical (read: royal constituitional) rule.

We have never met each other. He lived in earlier centuries than me. He was born in France and well-recognised for his writings and critics on church and freedom and philosophical thoughts.

He did what most people do in the time of the French Revolution but I am not an admirer of his lame works. I am just quoting on him.

In fact, I never fancy him.

I always question myself about what had been injected inside me all the way. The knowledges and understandings I gained about the world look like an organized and systematic installation. It feels like a programmed education conspiracy -- a computerised intellectual property alteration and baptism.

When I cross beyond the line, I see through different eyes. The more I try to comprehend, the more the reveal. The idea about the whole pictures, the civilizations, the origin, the humanity and mankind, the standards, the history, suddenly crumble and turn into new broader horizon, into heart-breaking and wiser view.

The sensation is intensely terrifying and mind-boggling.

What in the hell is going on? Who are these demons that orchastrating the show?

Go read and challenge your faculty of reasoning and understanding. And do engage in more and more reading. Acquire new opinions, theories, hypothesis, and menace your old die hard tales. Break the key and solve the big puzzle. Then you will realise that one minute is eventually sixty seconds. 

The visual is not immediately the truth.

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