Look Before You Leap. Listen Before You Speak

By Paranoia Semalam (August 5, 2016)

Our ass-polisher politicians are great. They have very thick skins. They only believe what they wanted to believe. They have no regret. They can spin the truth. They can fabricate lies and get away neither feeling guilty nor sorry. They can make things look devastating. They also can make things look excellent too.

They are magician.

I read the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and Moses story when I was a little boy. I remember the story quite vividly on how widespread the practise of mysterious and supernatural forces, magnificent witchcraft, and amazing sorceries, in keeping the pharaoh supremacy.

Unlike the pharaohs, my MalaysiaOfficer #1, base on my judgment, is more powerful. He is more dominion than the Egyptian kings. No offense, in my observation, he does not involve conspicuosly in the use of mystical assistance in his governance. Somehow, he  controls bigger crowds than the pharaohs himself. He even fights bigger enemies. He survives all the attempts to discharge (all major newspapers and electronic medias write: overthrow) him from the post from four corners of the world.

Nobody argues that the biggest achievement in his premiership is how he manages to acquire at least 2.6 billions Malaysia Ringgit in his single bank account. My three-job-in-a-day neighbour makes a depressing note on this matter.

Thanks to all the magicians around him. They are doing very well job in covering, backing, conferencing, legalising, blackmailing, and manipulating almost every sensitive issues. People forget faster than we thought they are. As usual, the 3C Rule is deployed excessively and blatantly to turn around the table -- Convincing, Confusing, Cheating.

Until now, many people are left in the dark when it comes to 1MDB scandal. They do not fully comprehend the importance of the tragedy and have no idea on how it will bring catastrophy to the nation. They do not get the right picture. There are too much explanations. There are too much informations. There are too much stories and versions.

Our ears ache severely. And our hearts bleed.

Once again, thanks again to all the magicians around him. Their magic sticks have been really-really effective and efficient in silencing the mischief.

Some say, it is either Mr. MalaysiaOfficer #1 a brilliant man or the people are fool. Well, I say, nay, they are not fool, they are caught up in the monetary-based commitments which have made them contentedly-dumb.

Like it or not, the most hated person in our beloved land now becomes more stronger. How can you suggest that our innocent MalaysiaOfficer #1 has weak support chains and failure propaganda systems? Even the dead can write prayers for his safety in his Facebook account.

Anyhow, the Pharaoh and Moses story also gives us an insight about what will happen when absolute power crumbles. The use of corruptions, treacheries and deceits shall never hold the weight of truth. History always punishes ignorant.

Once the dam of lies breaks and collapses, it wipe off everything in its way.

Let's hope our MalaysiaOfficer #1 could be able to swim and save his reservoir of wealth from the disaster.

And keep all his magicians in his pocket safely.

Or else, he could be drowning altogether, just like what had happened to the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.

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