A Bouquet of Flower from the North, and a Postcard Reads, 'Kleptocracy'

By Paranoia Semalam (July 31, 2016)

"I am tired of this kind of life!"
"O God! I have no time!"
"My monthly commitments are worth more than your average wages!"
"I can't sleep. The people are outrage!"

Amuse me, mammals, the joke is on you.

You -- for trying hard in making people laugh, agree and love you. You -- for trying hard in fattening the wallet and consolidating influence and celestial position.

I am sorry. I have stopped doing that. I don't need any approval nor acceptance from people like you. In fact, I need no blessing from other people.

A disgrace -- when your life is built on that sort of establishment. A disaster -- when your life is motivated by earthly gains.

What are you busying for? Then, what are you should be seeking of? A monumental achievement in wealth searching? An astounding acquisition in power?

You are answerable for all your conducts. You only have one live to spare, to discharge the trials, to submit to the truth, to build an everlasting happiness in heaven. Let's pray, for all the possessions obtained, for all the seconds spent, for all the pleasures and enjoyment you had and wasted, they will not betray and go against you when asked before The Almighty.

And please do not fucked up in the process. Do not ever fucked up -- for His wrath is beyond imaginable.

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