Heh. I cheated

I may have told you. Or, perhaps, it was not eloquent, you had missed the whole point.

Time has gotten me. It ages me. It sinks me. It breaks me.

I have died twice in my last dream. I have swam to the farthest sky. I have torched the brightest light. I have flown to the deepest unknown.

I have seen the shadow of the wind.

I may have told you. Or, perhaps, you have not listened. You only listened to yourself.

I have a little to live. I have too much to breathe. I have nothing to give.

I have done pleasing the bitch.

The world you'd live in with, is the same world I'd been warned six thousand years ago on the blistering desert.

I may have told you. Perhaps, it was unsound. My tongue always slips whenever the words come out of my teeth.

I may have told you.

It is wrong to be left and leftist? Is it right to be right and righteous? Or is it all about being known and 'inspirous'?

How do you measure the pressure? Who do you picture in the picture?

I have told you. You may have not.

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