''The more I try to ignore, the clearer the figure I see.''

''We are going to meet and greet them, sooner or later. It is all about the right hour.''

My mind suddenly could not squeez the right amount of stimulation to build a beautiful story out of the lines. Instead of structuring one, I am taking an easier way out.

I am writing the algorithm.

''My concern is at somewhere else. I am not listening eventhough I looked considerately listening.''

''There are different things in my mind demanding my immediate attention now. Losing faith is on the top of it.''

They kissed me, and disappeared. I am suffered to ditch the impression. I am suffered to leave the temptation.

Fate is curse. Curse is acquiring undesired things and feelings. It is colder when they are sentenced to your knee.

''Our priorities have shifted, we became obsessed with little details, and neglected the big picture.''

''What is the big picture?''

Growing older supposingly makes you wiser to choose between wine and water, they would say. 

No my dear, things are just passing through you. You have no power to even lift a finger. You lift a finger under deep whisper.

There are written stories await, to prevail.

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