Scorching Malaisie

Dear Mr. PM,

With all due respect, sir, I believe you have underestimated the gravity of the situation. There is no benefit for you to stay in charge anymore unless you think it is an honour to have someone peeing on your grave and talking shit about your premiership.

I meet a lot of people in every walks of life. Eventhough they live in different cultures and religions, eventhough they whine and thankful, all of them agree upon the idea of not having you as their leader.

Many of them despise you. A seven year old boy in school calls you by names.

The hatred is mounting. Respect has gone.

I have no idea why are your ministers keep saying contradict statements. From my humble opinion, it is either they are blind, or idiot, or plain stupid. People dislike you, sir. Hearing your name is a pain in the chest. Please meet and feel them.

They love their country. That is one of the reason they do not march on streets demanding your removal. They want a peaceful transition.

Water has a boiling point. I am afraid you have reached the limit.

Last night, I saw you on the news, smiling widely and waving hand like there was nothing happened.

Let's hope that your happiness is not deceived by cheats.

Or else your life is built on lies.

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