We are very fond of our religion. Anything which has Islam in it, even a slight, we take it as a huge sacred thing and simply can't be questioned.

Our knee suddenly knocked down -- losing an ability and sanity to stand.

Being Islamic is not necessarily Islam. Something that labeled and looked Islamic, is not necessarily Islam too. By the way, what and how is the picture of Islamic?

The understanding of Islam is vary. Some say it lies on the cloth, the attire, the devotion, the beard, the prays, the sacrifice, the hijab, the participance in a group or party, the setting up an Islamic state, the doing and being Arab. I think it is a wrong perception. All of the above are a stereotyping by medias whenever they mention Islam.

Islam is a religion. It is in you, in the heart and blood. It is all about systems to live accordingly -- how to adapt with manners, and submit to God at the same time. Appearance comes third or fourth or fifth or later or last, long after faith.

God creates human being with colours and He knows. The ability to perceive things also differ, so why some of these Ustaz feel so great about themselves, like they are sinless? And I wonder, what happened to all the teachings -- kind-hearted, soft spoken, good thought, and etcetera?

The reason why I have a cold relationship with most so-called Ustaz is simply because of the language they are using, the face they are wearing, and the rumours they are spreading, whenever they jump into conclusions and decisions -- and even their sons are condemning others who are in contrary with their opinions. Oh, I can see a burning fire inside their eyes!

I remember a story about a thief in the time of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). A companion came upon him and complained about another companion who is in the habit of stealing.

The prophet did not angry, instead he asked the companion, "Does he pray?"

The companion replied, "He prays five times a day."

The prophet smiled. Then he said, "One day, the prayer will stop him from stealing."

And yes, later on, the thief companion stopped. Did the prophet asked the first companion to chop off the thief's hand? Did he used bad language? Or did he upset?

I agree that it is not wrong to call a pot, a pot, it just, again, I wonder, what happened to all the teachings -- kind-hearted, soft spoken, good thought, and etcetera?

For me, whispering is better than shouting. Condemning and humiliating make thing worse -- burning the bridge between good and evil.

Heaven and hell are not in the hands of human though. Punishment is God's. It is secret.

It is confidential.

Furthermore, life is short, I don't need to waste more energy to hate others by listening to something confusing and hurting. It is heart breaking to hear words from people that supposedly unite us.

We enter the paradise with God's permission and His bless, not on how hard we try to appear more Islamic than Tom and judging Jerry's fault. Be kind and nice and pleasing to people. Have you read the story about a prostitute and a dog, Juraij and his mother, and a saint who prayed for hundreds years from Israelite that turned astray?

Do not fall for the wrong depiction of Islam. There are so many people who are asking for a donation by selling Yassin-ated raisins out there.

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