Hosted by bad luck

Most people will agree that money and wealth conquer your mind and decision making. Without them, you will be left out -- rotten in fantasies and dreams.

We fear of being poor.

And because of this matter, we make our life busy. We try our best to have as much money and wealth as we can. We sacrifice our time and energy to gain them. We do two or three jobs just to get the feeling of enough.

We set standards and goals. We appreciate luxury items and abroad vacations. One house is not enough.

We educate and inculcate our children about the value of things. We tell the children, the only way to live in happiness, is to have all kind of things.

Success is, being a rich man. Surely, money is the root of all.

I might be wrong. Yes, you can look down on me. But, I am pretty sure something is wrong with our culture lately.

Wealth searching has killed sensitivity. Generosity is dying. No more room for emphatic. Common sense is history. Sharing the cake is not a good idea. Modesty, honesty, and kind-hearted are pushed away.

I don't know since when God's love is associated with Him giving big bucks.

Like I said, I might be wrong. But, I am pretty sure something is wrong with our culture lately.

Of course you can look down on me.

There will be a moment in life when you start to think where you are heading. Then you will know, what really matters.

Let us hope it is not too late.

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