The tall story I used to tell a girl

"So, let me be honest with you."

It was a hot, a humid night. The drizzly rain earlier did not help much.

The fan spun at full blast. It produced a scary hissing sound but the sweaty heat had not subsided.

I could not close my eyes. Every time I tried to fall asleep, I felt like it was the best time to stay awake.

I felt worried sick. My heart beat faster than any other nights. My mind prowled around -- there were a lot of things trying to take control.

I couldn't figure out what was the universe trying to tell me about.

I leaned against the bed. The picture of my late father slipped into my mind. How I wish he is still alive and talk to me like I am eight year old boy.

It was 2.32 am. Amidst the sound from the spinning fan, my ears could not capture any other sound.

It was a lonely night.

"This house is dead," I mumbled.

"No, it's not. I am."

I closed my eyes and took a very deep breath. I started to put number on the imaginary jumping sheeps.

Then suddenly, it happened. I could not believe how it happened. It happened so fast I did not have time to stop it.

I was betrayed. I was fooled. I had been cheated. I had been lied to.

My mind did not obey what had I instructed. It ran on its course.

But then, it was so powerful, I could not resist even if I do. I was helpless.

Now, what I feared the most had just come upon me.

He came.

Having a chat with that bald man and his wife really was a bad dream. Listen to them was not only a bad dream, but really was a fucking nightmare.

I woke up with tears. I felt so horribly terrible.

The only good news was, like any other dreams, I could not describe exactly how the story went. But the worst part, I do remember one scary and heart-breaking word.


I could not get it out from my head. It was such a curse. It is.

"That was the story why I hated him so much. "

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