The Absence of Heartbeat and Breathing

One day, when you drive, or walk, or wait, or bath, or read, or eat, or do nothing, then you hear a song, or a voice, or a sound, or a whisper, it is so powerful, and without your consent, it makes your heart grieves in despair -- melancholy, sad, sombre, broken, and desolate.

There are invisible tears in your eyelids. You hold them with care -- you want to stop them from running down.

You know it is wrong. You know it is wrong to have that kind of feeling. You know you should not be having that feeling. But you are just too tired to ignore the message anymore.

That day, that moment, that precise second, you come to realize, you are missing someone so dearly and so desperately -- the fact you hate to embrace.

Someone who once means the world (and most probably still is).

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