Perhaps, this is my most uncivilised rant.

Some friends would still like to insist, even in this day and age, that we must not blame others for our woes and focus on fixing our own house first.

Or maybe these selfish ignorant bastard are too busy dreaming about Disney-lands and treasure-hunts to worry about the criticality of the time upon us.

The sooner we become wiser about this larger conflict outside the well, the better it would be for all of us.

But, most of us are too lazy to read, let alone to analyze. They take things for granted -- as everything happens because the universe told so.

If we free our mind and spend some time to dig out the history and study on what are on the predators' mind, then we will definitely see. The truth is always not as it seems to be.

Thinking back, regarding the recent terror in France and Turkey, who the hell are the culprits behind the curtain? Who are orchestrating and manipulating the plays? What are the plans? Why France? Why Turkey?

How are they mobilising the tools -- the people, the arms and arsenals, the funds, the plots, etc, etc -- without ever being noticed by intelligents, isn't it something really weird and disturbing going on here?

What are they inciting?

And immediately, the finger starts pointing. It is IS? ISIS? Daesh? Al-Qaeda? Jihadist groups? to blame. Who are these created monstrous puppet? Why not some other powerful hand with agenda? Could it be it was just an inside job to speed up and justify something bigger?

Can't we clearly see it?

No matter how bad we don't want war to happen, there are people who enjoy it as much as we hate it.

Why war? Because the earth is scattered with six billions lives, the most efficient way to control this big world is, by depopulation dan shrink it into a small piece as possible.

The Third World War hasn’t started yet. Each party are taunting each other and there will be another act of terror one after another. Perhaps, they are expecting (read: targeting) someone to cut a ribbon to formally launch it.

Mark my words.

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