There is a business trend, perhaps a strategy, to use religion as a marketing tool.

Yassinated raisins, honey, dates, all kind of drinks and juices with Quranic verses recited upon it, goat's milk which had been instilled with all kind of prays, black-magic repellant soap, and it seems the lists will never stop.

This product Islamization is getting wilder, idiotic and I even heard there are people who 'stereofied' certain surah to their herds and livestocks!

Oh God, forgive me for I have sinned! I have eaten so so many kafir chicken in my life!

And most of their miraculous claims are ridiculous and absurd too. It feels sinful enough even to write it down here.

I wonder, how all of these rubbish sell? Don't they feel guilty for innovation?

Islamizing the goods and products doesn't make you become holier, stronger or healthier, neither using nor consuming them. It is you who take shahadah, not them, it is you who have to undergo the process!

This materialistic race really makes people go nuts. Faith is not for trading.

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